As an organization on the forefront of social change for 120 years, one of the keys to NCJW’s success is strong and strategic leadership. NCJW is governed by a Board of Directors which sets the policy and direction of the organization, contributes to the achievement of programmatic goals, and fulfills a variety of fiduciary responsibilities. NCJW is a also leader among leaders, serving as an active member of several prestigious alliances and councils.

Learn more about NCJW’s accomplished Board of Directors and various affiliation relationships.

Debbie Hoffmann  

Debbie Hoffmann


Nancy K. Kaufman
Chief Executive Officer


NCJW Board of Directors


Debbie Hoffmann, Cleveland, OH

Joni Cohan, Gr. Dallas, TX
Vice President

Beatrice Kahn, New York, NY
Vice President

Janet Solitt, SE Atlantic, FL
Vice President

Susan C. Levine, Cleveland, OH

Sue Tillis, Gr. Dallas, TX
Assistant Treasurer

Carole Levine, Chicago North-Shore, IL
Recording Secretary

Sharon Lipton, Gr. Detroit, MI
Assistant Recording Secretary

Board Directors 

Linda Slucker (Immediate Past President), Essex County, NJ
Cindy Amberger, Gr. Minnesota, MN
Lori Cohen, New York, NY
Ina Davis, Gr. New Orleans, LA
Nina Goldman, Essex County, NJ
Lori Koffman, Member-At-Large, NY
Robin Leeds, Member-At-Large, DC
Claire Lipschultz, Sacramento, CA
Beth Mitchell, New York, NY
Janet Neuenschwander, San Antonio, TX
Michal Regunberg, Member-At-Large, MA
Marilyn Colby Rivkin, Gr. Minnesota, MN
Amy Smith, Essex County, NJ
Amy Straus, Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Wolman, Gr. San Diego, CA

NCJW–United Nations Representatives 

Marge Weiser, Greater Minnesota Section

NCJW–USA/ICJW Representative 

Donna Gutman, Chicago North-Shore, IL
Vice President, USA & NCJW-USA Representative to ICJW