Israel Granting Program



NCJW in IsraelTo address the critical challenges still facing women in Israel today, and to promote further progressive action, NCJW emphasizes empowerment and leadership programs for women and girls as well as gender equality as the cornerstones of NCJW’s Israel Granting Program. Grant recipients include organizations and programs designed to address Israeli women’s rights and well-being in areas like economics, politics, education, domestic violence, and social justice.

Components of the Israel Granting Program include Women to Women: NCJW’s Empowerment Initiative and Yad B’ Yad: NCJW’s Initiative to Nurture Knowledge.

NCJW urges all of our sections, members, and supporters to become active partners in the opportunities made possible through the Israel Granting Program. More than 30 sections have participated over the past few years as partners and underwriters in our Israel Granting Program.

Supporting the Israel Granting Program is an ideal way to speak your mind on issues such as gender segregation in the public sphere, agunot rights, and other personal status issues that specifically affect women in Israel.

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