Our Work


In communities across the country and around the globe, NCJW’s work reflects the spirit of the organization itself — a powerful union of forward-thinking ideals and Jewish values: A faith in the future. A belief in action.

NCJW’s campaigns and initiatives champion progressive policies, help improve the lives of women, children, and families through local and federal-level advocacy work, and provide educational resources and action opportunities that enable NCJW members and supporters to maximize their impact as agents of social change. 

NCJW Members in front of the U.S. Capitol Building


Historical photoUnderlying these efforts is a set of core beliefs that form NCJW’s Resolutions and compel the organization to take a courageous stance on a wide variety of domestic and international issues.   

Learn more about how NCJW is changing the world for the better through its programs, initiatives, and public policy issues.